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    Game rules.



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    Game rules.

    Post  Max on Thu Jul 29, 2010 5:58 pm

    1. Item, password or account scamming
    2. Macroing
    3. Account sharing
    4. Xeonix staff impersonation
    5. Advertising
    6. Bug abuse
    7. Ban/mute evading
    8. Misusage of rules.
    9. Offensive language & spamming

    Rules are another tool to sustain the game, thus it is important for you to fully understand what rules there are and how they are used. Before moving towards examination of every rule you should grasp what kind of penalty you might receive.
    Minimal breaches will be reflected by enjailment, mute or a few days temporary bans, while more serious ones - with long-term/permanent bans or partial/full reset. Degree of punishment will depend on player's previous offences as well as hardness of the breach. It is up to moderator/administrator to choose the form and his decision, which cannot be undone by other staff members without painstaking appeal review. The decision is based on either video/image proof in less obvious cases and on common sense in easier situations. Scroll below to see the staff regulations that prevent staff from abusing.

    1. You must not deceive other players with aim of getting access to their account or drawing their items out. No exceptions.
    1.1. You must not scam account-for-account, account-for-cash, account-for-items trades. However, such trade itself is already classified as breach of rule 3.
    1.2. If you have been trusted to be lent an item, play with honour and return it back. If you lost it, it would be a grateful gesture to repay in cash/items.
    1.3. You should not attempt luring somebody into the wilderness in any way.
    These are just examples, other kinds of fraud are not in spirit of the game.
    2. Any player caught using third-party software will be penalized. Further violations will lead to more strict measures.
    3. One account must be used by one person only whether it is full/part time sharing or trading it. Account sharers will not be persuaded AS LONG AS problems do not occur. However, the first wrangle will cause BOTH SIDES to be punished.
    4. It is prohibitted to impersonate Xeonix staff, REGARDLESS OF INTENSION. Keep in mind that Xeonix staff always have a gold crown next to their name and in order to save time will not inquire the reason of impersonation, whether it is a prank or a threat.
    5. It is not allowed to advertise other servers and to post links to unsafe or explicit content websites.
    6. Any bugs found within the game must be reported immediately. Players purposefully exploiting game cheats or errors will be penalized depending on their contribution to destabilizing the game.
    6.1. X-logging is considered as bug abuse.
    7. Ban/mute evading involves creating new accounts to continue breaking rules.
    8. Rules are a way to keep balance in game and make it playing enjoyable for other players. Do not make ridiculous without substantial proof reports unless you honestly believe other player's behavior is disruptive.
    9.1. We do not tolerate spamming. Spam is not limited to typing messages full of non-sense and comprises massive account creation, excessive begging.
    9.2. Watch your language. Censore is not and will not be added as I hope you have grown enough to pick your words. As we all want a better community, let us refrain from swearing, insulting and bullying each other. We live in a plural society and we might have different beliefs and views on life. Respect that.

    Staff regulations:
    1. By being part of staff you should try avoiding harmful action, even if it DOES NOT contravene the rules.
    2. EVERY jail/mute/ban/kick must be reported through forums in respective section.
    3. Player moderators/administrators are responsible for their action and must have solid arguments backing them up.
    4. Any kinds of jokes/trolls, despite their names and types, are not tolerated if they involve staff authority.

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