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    Boogeyman banned



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    Boogeyman banned

    Post  boogeyman on Wed May 18, 2011 3:27 pm

    I would like to appeal for one of my accounts, which's username is "Boogeyman".

    The account was banned on 17th of may, 2011, for bug abuse. Particularly, that day, between 1 and 2.30 pm gmt, I abused a code flaw for my own benefit. First, I duplicated a whip and an amulet of fury(into 8 and 4, respectively). Afterwards I used the bug to obtain 2 billion gold pieces, 500 million brews and super restores as well as 120 mask sets.
    However, my conscience did not let me endanger this server's economy and I decided to report the bug. I waited for Max for 2 hours(to 4.30gmt), explained the way the defect worked and made a list of all the accounts/players involved in the wrongdoing.

    Also I am deeply dissatisfied that most items duplicated by "A" and "Spy" are thought to be exploited by me. The 2 above mentioned persons had been tainting the economy for the whole night(from 16th to 17th) and had acquired over 200 barrow sets, 250k dragon bones and other items. It is worth mentioning that they used proxies to hide any connections between the minions and mains, and were close to getting away with the offense by suggesting it was me using the proxies.

    I would like to apologize for all the troubles I caused with inappropriate behaviour and irresponsible gameplay. I truly hope I will be given another chance to continue my 2 year adventure on Xeonix. I owe a special apology for denial of masks' duplication as I tried to blame other players(legit and chino) for something they did not do.

    I look forward to administrator's decision.

    Faithfully yours,


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    Re: Boogeyman banned

    Post  chino on Wed May 18, 2011 7:45 pm

    Hello boogymen. After reviewing your appeal I do think you're serious about getting unbanned and regret whatever you did.

    Appeal reviewed and Accepted

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